BeBalanced - Vessels

Creating a soothing fragrance experience has never been easier with BeBalanced by PartyLite. 

In need of a home fragrance solution, or want to take a little piece of zen with you on the go? Our exclusive BeBalanced diffusers have been designed to safely deliver the benefits of essential oils.

Available in two size options for scenting large and small spaces, our diffusers have been designed exclusively for our BeBalanced Essential Oils + Pure Fragrance line. Discover the perfect way to transport your mood-state by pairing your favorite essential oils with the ideal diffuser for your room.

Bringing the spa to you

Our BeBalanced diffusers are hard workers.

As well as dispersing soft fragrance and delivering the power of essential oils + pure fragrance, our diffusers are made in stylish, elegant designs to add an extra sensory experience to your relaxation. 

Created in clean, tranquil colors, our diffusers offer a soothing spa experience no matter where you are. They’re ergonomically shaped, fit with a range of home interior themes and bring their own touch of style.

Illuminescent Fragrance Warmer

IlluminescentsTM Clean Lines Fragrance Warmer

Have a work trip that takes you miles away from home or want to create a makeshift yoga studio that needs a positive mental boost? Our Illuminescents™ Clean Lines Fragrance Warmer lets you experience the mood enhancing effects of essential oils on the go. 

A portable warmer that works best in small spaces, its patented design diffuses fragrance by gently heating BeBalanced Essential Oils. Super lightweight and just 10cm wide, it’s simple to pack away and take anywhere.

This sculpted porcelain warmer doesn’t need to be plugged in. That makes it the perfect overnight bag companion to take with you on your travels for recharging, relaxing or recentering. Whenever you need it. Instead, it uses the gentle heat of tealight candles. The clean lines engraved into the surface of the Warmer allow the serene glow of candlelight to bring you a centering sense of calm.

Fragrance Warmer

Use with a few drops of our essential oils in the well on top. Then place an unscented tealight candle in the bottom. Light and enjoy fragrance within 20-30 minutes, that lasts up to 4 hours. 

Our Illuminescent Fragrance Warmer™ delivers fragrance purely, simply and safely, so you can enjoy the benefits of our essential oils wherever you are. 

The Ultrasonic Diffuser

The BeBalanced by PartyLite Ultrasonic Diffuser is for those who like to immerse themselves in a full fragrance experience. 

This plug-in diffuser disperses a soft mist that fragrances even large rooms, making it the perfect piece for setting a positive ambience and encouraging wellness.

Add a few drops of your essential oil and 300ml of water to enjoy a therapeutic aroma that lasts up to 6 hours. 


Created for low maintenance lifestyles, it has a built in automatic shut-off function for when the water is low. It also includes a timer for setting a scheduled turn-off time. 

With a white and wood-effect design this stylish diffuser is great for inspiring an at-home spa atmosphere wherever you need a little TLC. It also features a multi-color or color-stop LED feature and a whisper-quiet operation. So you can set up, turn on and enjoy a truly immersive fragrance experience.

Our selection of diffusers make it easy to find your balance on the go or at home. Our range of essential oils + pure fragrance give you endless fragrance options to help enhance your mood. Can’t decide which oil is for you? Try one of our BeBalanced Essential Oil + Pure Fragrance Sampler Packs today in Daily Energy + Positivity or Daily Calm + Relaxation.