Feel Good More Often with Essential Oils + Pure Fragrance from PartyLite

Do you want to feel good more often? When life gives us stresses and strains it can feel like things are beyond our control. We’ve all found ourselves feeling frustrated by life of late, after all. But what if you could change things, and more simply than you imagined?

Finding the time to unwind can be tricky amidst the demands of today’s busy world. That’s why we wanted to create something to help you achieve a positive mind and soul. At PartyLite we know that a little extra relaxation can be as easy as lighting your favorite candle, but what about fragrances that can actually change your mood-state?

Introducing BeBalanced by PartyLite™ - our Essential Oils and Pure Fragrance collection.

Built on the foundations of aromatherapy, we’ve created a home fragrance range that does more than just smell wonderful. BeBalanced fragrances are infused with essential oils that have been found to enhance your mood and promote wellness. Each oil has a unique property to help you achieve your desired mood-state, whatever that may be.

BeBalanced by PartyLite™

We went back to nature to create this collection. With the highest quality, plant-derived ingredients, it’s all about natural ingredients. The collection uses the natural therapeutic powers of those ingredients to help create a range of moods, simply from the fragrance in your home. Get to know our 8 beautiful fragrances:

Laid Back Lavender

Say goodbye to stress and hello to calming, relaxing lavender.

Happy Mandarin

Uplifting mandarin puts a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

Cozy Up Vanilla

Snuggle up in a cozy warm blanket of comforting vanilla.

Center Me Cedarwood

Feeling a bit off center? Focus your mind with grounding cedarwood.

Energizing Eucalyptus

Erase the mind-clutter and boost your energy with rejuvenating eucalyptus.

Pampering Patchouli

When you’ve earned a break, pamper yourself with indulgent patchouli.

Joyous Jasmine

Dance, laugh, love - euphoric jasmine keeps the party going.

Pick Me Up Peppermint

Need a little lift? Recharge and refresh with invigorating mint.

Each and every bottle of our BeBalanced Essential Oils are filled with 100% pure fragrance. They’re created with the finest raw ingredients, and we haven’t meddled with them. That means more natural quality, and more power to change your mood.

We source our plant materials from trusted global grower partners, and we always harvest from the regions where each plant grows best. There are no secrets, just properly sourced oil from the best plants. That way, you can rest assured that each oil is filled with only good ingredients. 


Personalize it!

So you’re feeling a bit blue and can’t decide between a fragrance made to energize or invigorate? We say, have them both! BeBalanced Essential Oils are fully blendable, so you can combine them to get your desired mood-state. There’s no limit to which oils you blend together, but we recommend 2-3 for the best fragrance experience.

While you can create your own unique combination, here’s how we like to pair our oils:

Be Happy: use mandarin + jasmine for an uplifting experience

Be Energized: use eucalyptus + peppermint to energize your day

Be Relaxed: use lavender + patchouli to stop stress and get to sleep

Be Centered: use cedarwood + vanilla to focus your mind

BeBalanced Fragrances

Try our pre-blended fragrance combinations

Can’t decide which fragrance pairing you’d like? We made it easy to try the combinations we love most. Our BeBalanced 100% Soy Candles are each infused with two BeBalanced Essential Oils for a ready-made mood. 

Our candles are available in 4 blended fragrances, so you can benefit from twice the power of essential oils.

Be Happy Mandarin + Jasmine Jar Candle

A mix of essential oils like sunny lemon, stress-relieving eucalyptus, uplifting mandarin and light-hearted jasmine plus notes of empowering ginger, creamy amber and sheer musk. 

Be Relaxed Lavender + Patchouli Jar Candle

Radiate serenity with stress-relieving eucalyptus, uplifting lemon, soothing patchouli and relaxing lavender plus notes of cleansing sage, fragrant balsam and sensuous musk.

Be Energized Eucalyptus + Peppermint Jar Candle

Reinvigorate the spirit with restorative cedarwood, lively cinnamon, cool peppermint and energizing eucalyptus plus notes of fresh fir balsam, clarifying spearmint and soothing anise. 

Be Centered Cedarwood + Vanilla Jar Candle

Focus your mind with calming guaiac wood, harmonizing patchouli, soothing vanilla and centering cedarwood plus notes of soft golden amber, tender bergamot and delicate jasmine.

BeBalanced Candles

Made from 100% natural soy wax, our BeBalanced Jar Candles burn cleanly for up to 50 hours. Encased in a beautifully presented ceramic jar, each candle also comes with a decorative bracelet charm. 

With 8 BeBalanced Essential Oils to choose from, there’s no limit to how you find your wellness, and our BeBalanced Soy Candles are the perfect place to start. Are you ready to find your balance?

Shop the BeBalanced collection from the comfort of your home today, discover more about PartyLite’s natural, sustainable products, or find out more about our full Autumn Winter 2020 collection here.