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£390+1 £58.5 2
£585+1 £87.75 3
£780+1 £117.00 4
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*Receive 15% Party volume discount plus other discounted item(s) when your Party reaches £195 + 1 in retail sales. **Item at 50% discount and the monthly Host Specials may not be purchased using the Party Volume Discount. 50% discount applies to a Qualified Party of £195 +1.
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Our fragrances are made in collaboration with renowned Fragrance Houses so you can create your own unique Signature Scent by combining Seasonal and Everyday
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Our Happy Hosts
Delphine Blain I love PartyLite accessories and fragrances so much that I couldn't resist getting my hands on them for less. So, of course, being a Host was obvious for me! I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was. I simply laid out food and drinks as I would for any other get together, helped invite guests, and the Consultant did the rest. I regularly Host now, so I can get my hands on those exclusive products!

Party FAQs
We always recommend parties because they provide you with that magical experience in person. With a touch of candlelight, you can sample our fragrances and enjoy a fun, personalised service. Our Consultants are also on hand to give you great advice on styling ideas, the latest trends or how fragrances can work within your home and lifestyle. At parties you can also enjoy our unique activities and Find Your Signature! It’s always better to sample the PartyLite experience in person, but if you can’t make it or you simply want to reorder some favourites you discovered at your last party, you can order online from the comfort of your home. You’ll still enjoy the PartyLite shopping experience, and we still give all the benefits to your own personal Consultant during the checkout process.
Anyone and everyone! There’s so much to gain from Hosting, and since our Consultant presents the party, it’s simple to Host too. Our typical Host earns free products and the chance to shop for more at 50% off. See our Rewards and current Host Offers for more details. Sign up to be Host and let a chance to connect with friends and have fun promise even more rewards.
Once you’ve put together your guest list, you can work with your Consultant to send personalised invitations via email, text message or even in person. Whatever suits you and your Guests, we can make it work.
Your Consultant will bring a variety of samples from the latest range for everyone to see, as well as our catalogue that shows the entire line of fragrances, candles, flameless products and home décor. You can always view our full, up to date range of products online too.
Our Consultants hold PartyLite parties in every setting you could possibly imagine! If you’ve got the space to gather friends and have fun, we can make it work. Getting together and having a great time is our number one priority for you and your Guests. We think a home environment is the best setting for our parties, but we regularly hold them in offices and even outdoors. Simply let your local Consultant know what you’ve got to offer as a Host and they’ll help you figure out a perfect party.
Our clever Consultant finder will automatically match you with your nearest Consultant. Simply fill in the form online and we’ll send your info to them. After that, they’ll be in touch directly to get the ball rolling.
Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it! Don’t worry about putting on an elaborate spread – the party will soon be in full swing and filling your table with candles and décor. A glass of wine, some light bites or canapés are always popular and super simple to serve. We promise, your Guests will be busy enjoying themselves to worry about more.
We know that organising a party around everyone’s busy schedules is a difficult task, so don’t worry. If you have friends who you know would love our products, but can’t make the party, they can shop afterward. Their purchases can even go towards the party total, earning the Host more rewards. Just ask your Consultant how to make that happen.
Every party, big and small, makes us excited at PartyLite! That said, we typically recommend a party size of between 6 – 10 people. That way, you’ll all get the most out of the experience.
Our Consultants come to a party with a wide variety of products and fragrances, but unfortunately these are solely for demonstration purposes. Don’t worry, we always aim to process your orders as quickly as we can. Your items will typically arrive within 10 working days.
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