Curious about the wellness trend involving CBD oils?  You’ve likely observed the surging popularity of CBD across various industries, from beauty and skincare to food supplements and even home fragrance.

The PartyLite CBD Collection

In line with our commitment to crafting innovative products for your every space, we’ve introduced a new collection of fragranced candles that harness the soothing properties of CBD in a safe and natural manner.  Throughout the development process, we conducted extensive research to provide you with comprehensive insights into the positive potential of this groundbreaking ingredient. Whether you’re intrigued, have questions, or simply aren’t sure where to begin, we’re here to guide you.

Research and clinical trials to prove the effectiveness of CBD are ongoing and continue to evolve, and the demand for products that contain CBD is increasing as fast as the reports of people experiencing positive results for themselves.  

Why did we add CBD oil to candles?

When we decided to develop a collection of CBD infused products, we researched and investigated sourcing the purest and most rigorously and responsibly sourced oil we could find, ultimately collaborating with organic growers in Colorado. From their naturally grown plants, the derivation of CBD ensures only the purest CBD oil is extracted.

We worked closely with a 3rd party lab testing facility, Badger Labs to conduct thorough testing and to confirm the purity and safety of the CBD oil extracted and used in developing the PartyLite CBD Collection.

Each fragrance blend developed contains the finest essential oils and CBD oil which has been analyzed and independently verified for its safety. Certificates of Analysis for all fragranced blends can be found here.  

PartyLite has historically, only used the finest ingredients in the development of all home fragrance products and the CBD Collection is no exception. The collection is innovative and blends simply and seamlessly into our line of premium home fragrance products.

Whether you prefer jars or tealights, or both, simply ignite the candles and let the CBD-infused fragrance fill the air.

Our CBD-infused fragranced candles

So, what exactly are these fragrance blends? 

We’ve developed four unique essential and CBD oil blends intended to help create the environment you desire. Whether you desire an environment of calm, heightened energy, or blissful feelings, all you need to do is ignite the flame.

The CBD Collection offers an elevated, matte ebony jar and wax that glows beautifully when melted. All you need to do is determine which blend is right for you. (We suggest you try them all).

Choose from four fragrance blends

Our exclusive CBD fragrances

VIBE palo santo + santal

Aromatic woods, earthy oakmoss and a whisper of soothing lavender are infused with pure CBD for a laid-back vibe. 

PULSE grapefruit + neroli

Soft creamy florals, enlivened with tangy grapefruit, citrusy neroli and pure CBD oil, pulse with joyful energy. 

FLOW eucalyptus + verbena

Fragrant eucalyptus and lemony verbena are enhanced with pure CBD oil, encouraging you to go with the flow. 

CHILL lavender + citron

Relax and chill with restful garden lavender, fresh lemon and cool citron blended with pure CBD oil. 


Awaken your senses and embark on a sensory journey with the CBD Collection today!

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