Curious about the wellness trend involving CBD oils?

Curious about how CBD oil fragrances could benefit you? Want to know how safe they are, and what to look for in oils you can trust? We’ve got all the answers.

Woman holding a lit dark scented candle.

Make Home Fragrance Last with our Candle Care Guide

Keep your candles burning longer and enjoy a safer home fragrance experience with our foolproof guide to the best candle care.

The NoNo List.  Our fragrances are crafted without any of these 40 questionable ingredients.

BeBalanced - No No List

  Sustainability is more than a trend, it’s a passion and a principle for many of us. Choosing products that are made with environmental impact in mind can be tricky,...

How To Avoid Candle Tunneling

There aren't many better experiences in life than getting cozy, sitting back and relaxing with scented candles. But what if the worst happens, and your candle begins to tunnel? If...

Why Do My Candles Flicker (And How Can I Fix It)?

The experience of relaxing with the soft ambience of a candle’s flame is unmatched. But not if your space is being affected by a distracting flicker. A small, natural flicker...

Your Guide to GloLites, the World’s Brightest Candle™

  GloLite candles are our patented forms that are guaranteed to be brighter than any other candle you can find. They’re so popular in fact, that they were gifted to...
All four ehancd jar candles

Boost the power of your fragrance with enhancd*

Our passion for home fragrance knows no limits, so we’re always seeking to find the latest innovative experiences to bring to your home and life. Our enhancd* collection gives you...

PartyLite’s Autumn 22 Collection

It’s the time of year where we all find ourselves spending more time at home, so what better moment to fill it with beautiful aromas? For our Autumn/Winter 22 collection...

The Best 3-Wick Jar Candles From PartyLite

We believe that PartyLite creates the best 3-Wick Jar Candles on the planet. Each one is infused with the world's finest fragrances, and designed by master perfumers. With our exclusive...
Laid Back Lavendar and Pampering Patchouli Escential Oils and Diffuser

How to Use BeBalanced by PartyLite™

Ready to discover the mood-enhancing power of our new BeBalanced by PartyLite™ range? It’s a collection of natural, essential oil fragrances that takes inspiration from aromatherapy to create mood-enhancing fragrances...
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How to Style with ScentGlow® Warmers

Ever wanted to know how to create a gorgeous candle glow without having to light a match? Well, we’ve got the answer. Our top selling ScentGlow Warmers are the ideal flame-free stylish home accessories.

PartyLite’s Summer 22 Collection

Rediscover special moments this summer. This season, we want you to join us on a voyage of discovery as you see how our fragrances can transform your life and home....